We believe in the

power of play

In a world where the challenge is no longer ‘why’ sustainable development, but ‘how’ to make it relevant and accessible to all, we believe play is the future of employee engagement in sustainability.

Re-thinking engagement in sustainability

We help organisations who want to make sustainability relevant to their whole business, by using play-based learning and immersive game workshops to engage their employees in sustainability in an innovative and fun way.


Are you looking for ways to embed sustainability across your organisation?

  • Do you want to bring your sustainability goals to life?
  • Do you want to create a culture of sustainability?
  • Do you want all employees to become champions for your sustainability goals?

We bring sustainability to life.


Experiential learning using game-based workshops.

Escape Game

An immersive experience brought to your office.

Game Design

Co-create a bespoke game
for your business.

Engaging in play.
Co-creating impact.

A new approach to advancing sustainability is required and our answer is play.

Play is both powerful and empowering; it enables people to see the world from a different perspective and to do things they wouldn’t normally do. Harnessing play for sustainability offers a fun and engaging environment to explore, experiment, learn and co-create in different way. Leading to mindset shifts, changed behaviours and positive action. 

Play is a transformative tool for business.





Our vision is a world where all employees champion sustainability. 

Creating positive ripple effects at work, at home and in the local community to drive impact at scale for planet, people and profit.

We believe in the collective power of positive action and championing sustainability  through play!

What people say about us

“The experience was a great way of breaking the ice with a group of people from different backgrounds and to find common ground with them in a fun and thought provoking way.” Sian Herschel, Impact Director

If you want your participants to be inspired to take action for the global goals, Ms. Richard is a trainer I can wholeheartedly recommend.” Julian Caletti, UNITAR

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